Downsizing and/or Preparing for a Move


It can be overwhelming to think about downsizing and moving into a smaller residence: condo, seniors residence or even just a smaller house.


Our services include:

  • Assisting with organizing and downsizing.

  • Offering suggestions for donating items to charities, recycling, etc.

  • Facilitating the packing and unpacking process.

  • Mapping your new residence to determine the furniture which will be the best fit.


We understand everyone accumulates items that have memories attached to family and/or friends. We can gently help you decide what to keep, what to pass on to others or perhaps what to let go of - Is it cherished, important or useful? We will ensure treasured items are never forgotten!

We have acquired a great deal of insight and compassion in this area as we both have helped our own parents and others with this transition.


Our goal is for you and/or your loved ones to transition to a new lifestyle with minimum stress.



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